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I have been reading Kannadaratna website regularly. The section with 'Belur' 'Halebedu' and other travel places are wonderful and photos are excellent. Thank you so much for introducing our culture, fine arts, of Karnatka.

Thank you



Sir, I am Hanif, basically I am from Kundapura and  setteled in muscat,  I love kannada. I love KANNADARATNA too.

Dear Editor
I read kannadaratna regularly. I like this magazine and I enjoy each time
when I read each link. congratulations.
Thank You

Dear Satish Namaslaragalu
Thank you very much for writing about the AKKA sammelana. As you already know we have several committees consisting of more than 150 people working day and night to make this a very successful conference. We have more than 2400 people already registered and we are expecting about 3500 people and we have several artists coming from India and throughout USA and Canada. We have a business forum which is attracting several CEO's and Entrapeauners.
Congratulations on your awards and recognition given to you by others.
Warm Regards,
Conference Chairman

Tumba Channagide
Priya Bandu, Namaskaragalu
Govina haadu varadi tumba channagide. Nimage
Saadara pranaamagalondige

Dear Mr.T.M. Satish,
I find your website remarkably informative compared to a number of other Kannada websites with which I am familiar. Congratulations.
Thanks and regards,
Srinivasa Murthy

Good work
We needed somthing like that. Great work to the team. This is a great way to keep your language alive.
prashanth murhty

Kannadarathana portal is excellent and informative. I congratulate for your effort.
Thank you
Shrinidhi A.S
Tallahassee, Florida

Thanks for serving NRI kannadigas
Dear Satish,
I have been regular reader to your portal since it's inception and
thanks for serving NRI kannadigas through the portal.
Having listened to you in debating competitions during college days and being aware of your talent, I expect a good editorial every week if not every day providing non-biased opinions on karnataka current affairs, what karnataka needs, oppurtunities for NRI kannadigas for constructive work to benefit people, language and the state as a whole.
It is good (and i expect) if the portal addresses all other aspects of a
journal Wish you all the success in coming days..
Yogesh Devaraj
California, USA

An artist is always an artist Dear editor,
it is disheartening to read comments from readers about the artists who will be visiting detroit kannada conference. an artist is always an artist no matter he is famous or not, too good or mediocre, rich or poor, lobbyist or not, etc.,
we have seen even a big artist having received so much respect and hospitility on his visits to US, blasted the NRI kannadigas on petty financial matters. we should only ask the authorities (in this case karnataka dept of culture) not to sponser an artist who has already been to US. give oppurtunity to proven talent and enforce the policy across board, no matter what NRI kannadiga's lobby for their favorite artists. btw i have listen to the artist in question couple of times here in US and he doesn't seem that bad as few commented on your portal. i could be wrong, as i am not an artist.
Yogesh Devaraj
California, USA

We Wish you all the Success
We appreciate your efforts and wish your endeavour all the success.
Best regards,
Sudha Murty,
Infosys Foundation

Absolutely right
Dear Editor,
I think Dr. AnanthaMurthy is absolutely right. This is a true feeling of mine, when I studied in Kannada medium till 7th standard. Yes, there are some convent schools who fine students for using Kannada, in Karnataka. But the irony is the so called 'Kannada Horaatagaararu'(Kannada Revolutionists), keep themselves busy in painting the english boards black not realizing that their own children(who attend these convents...this may surprise you, but this is fact) are being fined for using Kannada either directly in some case and indirectly in most of the cases. The concept of Kannadaization itself has been the business for many people and therefore I am worried whether these 'Gomukha vyaaghras' are a real danger to Kannada.
Due to the importance English gains in many aspects of life, people who are educated in Kannada find very little scope. So it is very natural for people to shy away from this disparity. Therefore, I think Dr. murthy's thoughts in this regard are absolutely correct. It will be good if everybody gets education in Kannada up until certain age and I mean, "everybody". Not that people who can afford convent schools should be allowed to escape(or should I call it "cheat"). This was the feeling of Mahakavi Kuvempu, too. He said, "maatrubhaasheyallina shikshanada prabhaava aseemita".
Obba Kannadiga.
'Elladaru iru, entaadaru iru, endendigu Kannadavaagiru'

Mr.Ananathmurthy's words are extremely true
As i do not have a kannada font, I am using english as medium for this mail.
Mr.ananathmurthy's words are extremely true in the present context of
education. This has been a great disparity and there should be some means to
find out how can we go ahead about his.
I have experienced the same as I studied in Kannada medium till my 10th
standard and faced lot of challenges during my PUC and eengineering days.
Then, taking English as a challenge, I managed to learn in detail.
I also have a concern that, w only talk about issues and do not do anthing.
There should be a movement to makae this happen.
good luck kanndaratna!
Thanks and regards
Dattatreya Hegde

It is a Good work
Sri Satish/Smt. Shobha. congratulations. Even though kannadaratna.com is a small kid in kannada Internet world. It is growing like a full moon.
The Ahorigala Naduve is one of the excellent novels of Sri M.V. Nagarajarao. In my school days every Wednesday I used to wait for Sudha varapatrike just to read "Aghorigala Naduve' kaadambari.
The article on Sri.M.V.NagarajaRao is very very good. It is more informative.
Keep up the good work

We are proud of Hulikal couple
Dear Satish avare,
Very well deserved accolade and coverage to the
founders of Sahithya Goshti. We are very proud of the
Hulikal couple.
KRS Murthy

Looking Nice
Manya Satish avare,
Now your web site is looking nice. I think that this format will attract more customers and readers, I feel.
best wishes,

I really enjoy visiting your web site
Dear Mr. Satish,
I really enjoy visiting your web site, especially after the novel "agorigala naduve".

Dear Satish!
Now-a-days lot of kannada portals are contributing wide variety of information on Kannada. I really appreciate you for leading KannadaRatna. I wish your portal spread kannada kasturi around the world forever.
VijayaVenkatesh Yelanji
Sunnyvale, CA ,USA

Real flavor of American life

Dear editor,
The article is entertaining and gives the real flavor of American life. Continue to bring this kind of articles.
Thank you,
Ramesh Kadur

Nothing inside

The story by Mr. K R S Murthy starts with a big bang
but there is nothing inside it. This is 'some thing
better than nothing' only.
-Marutheesh Bellary

manya satheesh avare,
dhanyavadhagalu. nimma pathrike thumba chennagide.
gulf nalli iruva kanndigarigagi shukravara thumbhuvanthe budhavarave ondhu padhabandha idhare
thumba chennagiruthadhe.
lankesh parikeya bayaluseeme katte purana reethiyalli ondhu hasya lekhana prambisi.
sa prema vandanegalu,
ravi shastry
dubai uae.

Every details in your report is true
SatIsh avarige,
The articles are so well written and VishvanAth
couples are well deserve the honor.
My best compliments to you and all the best
wishes to VishvanAth couples as always.
Every details in your report is true and VishvAnath
couples are really inspiring many of us here in US.
sAhitya gOShTi is one amazing special interest group
and it is keeping the kannada sAhitya activities
in real good spirit.
My sincere thanks to VishvanAth couples for doing
such an amazing and ambitious work here in USA.

Good one
we really enjoyed the late Sri J.H. patel's Joke. Even though It is a
joke, this is very usual thing for south Indians. In North India also,
we will face the same situation.
They will also spoil our names by calling us in unusual type. You
are doing a good thing for kannada. keep up the good work.

Thanks for publishing Aghori
Hi Mr Editor
My Name is Sanjay Raman, I live in Dallas, Texas now. I come from Hassan
Dist. Karnataka.
I really enjoyed reading the the serial "Aghorigala Naduve". Thanks for
publishing it. Please keep on publishing good stries like that or of any sort.
Take care
Sanjay Raman

Enjoyed very Much

Hello Mr.Satish
I came to know about this novel "AGORIGALA NADUVE" from my friend. After reading the whole story i really want to congratulate Mr.Nagaraj Rao . He is a very good writer with lot of knowledge in his writings. I enjoyed very much and was very curious about the next episode.
Thanks to you for selecting and publishing the story. Being far from motherland,your site is a very good place to feel like 'home'.

Really Appeciable Wrok
I came to America on tourist visa on 23\8\02 and heard that there is a
kannada meeting at sunnyvale on 7\9\02.That day i have the time to sri
Halikal. I have very much impressed his simplicity and good
direction. His speech is also very appreciative.
Second time, on the occasion of send off party to
halikal, both couple i met and discussed.they have very much pleasd
with me and asked me to give a talk in the next event and invited to me
to attend the next kannada koota.
According to the invitation , i pleased to attend the
'Gosti'. It is very very nice and comfact. Mr. Ganesh Kadaba has given
his opinion on 'Jalapata' and KRS murthy delivered a lecture on Dasa
Sahitya. I have enjayed the 'Gosti' and delighted the work of
Vishwanath and his friends. He is showing a very good scope, respect and
co-operation. His work is really appeciable.
Y.Hanumantha Setty,
c\o Y.Vijaya Venkatesh,
1063, morse ave,#5-107,
Sunnyvale-94089 CA.

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